Huccha venkat in news again for attacking director! Video nodi

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Huccha venkat is back again! Recently on 28th April Huccha Venkat’s new movie Porki Huccha Venkat movie released. And Huccha venkat was not happy with the response of the movie. Sa Ra Govindu had held a press meet along with Huccha venkat. Watch the exclusive video on How Huccha venkat abuses Media people.

Huccha venkat is the producer, director, Story writer and the actor for the movie Porki Huccha Venkat. Couple of media channels and news papers honestly said that the movie is not up to the mark.

Huccha venkat got angry on this and started abusing all the media persons out there. He had also made a videos where he abuses all the kannadigas who stay in bengaluru. Huccha venkat showed his anger and depression in front of the media. Huccha venkat earlier always used to say that media people are good and supportive! Now he is saying that no body should write negative about the movie Porki Huccha Venkat.

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