One more wedding celebration in Namma annavra mane! Video nodi

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Dr Rajkumar’s grand song shaan / Shanmukha marriage event.

-Dr Rajkumar was awarded an honorary Doctorate from the Mysore University and he was the first one in the Indian film industry to win a doctorate in acting
-Having screened in more than 200 movies, Dr Rajkumar in his movie career of about 5 decades was the only actor who starred in 14 movies in a year.He did so twice ,once in the year 1964 and the second time in the year 1968.
-Dr Rajkumar was the only Indian actor who was awarded one of the most prestigious title Kentucky colonel which is one of the renowned titles bestowed by the common wealth of Kentucky in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and noteworthy service to a community
-He was one of those versatile actors who could play double and sometimes even triple roles in a movie, having depicted in a wide range of characters Dr Rajkumar was one of those skilled actors who gave life to any character he depicted ranging from comedy to social causes, mythological characters to an action figure he pulled it all as smooth as anybody could possibly do.

-Dr Rajkumar was one of the most humble person, he led a simple life and stick to his principles on screen as well as off screen. He was never portrayed smoking or drinking alcohol in his movies nor he practiced them in real life. Nevertheless he was a proficient practitioner of yoga.
-He was screened in the movie named Jedara Bale in the year 1968 with which the legend bought the james bond cult , not only to the Karnataka film industry but to the Indian film industry as a whole . He also depicted similar james bond characters in Operation jackpotnalli CID 999,Godalli CID 999 and Operation Diamond Racket .
-Dr Rajkumar was not only a versatile actor he was also a gifted singer. He was the only Indian actor who won National awards for both acting and sining. His famous track named ‘Nadhamaaya’ from the movie Jeevana Chaithra won him the National award for best playback singer.