Kannada actress Rachitha Ram Photoshoot Video Released

Rachitha Ram Photoshoot video

This is indeed a must watch video for those who are following actress Rachitha Ram. In this video, you can watch the latest photoshoot of Rachitha Ram and she is literally sizzling in this new photoshoot. She is looking absolutely gorgeous in her new looks. Rachitha Ram is one among the most popular actresses in Sandalwood who had made her acting debut in Kannada through the movie named Bulbul in the year. Challenging Star Darshan played the male lead in it. She was working in Television before that and she was very successful in her mini screen stint as well.

In 2014, she appeared in two movies named DilRangeela and Ambareesha. Her previous release was PushpakaVimana which released in this year and her upcoming releases will be Barjari and Uppi Rupee which are in its post-production stage and filming stage respectively.